Customer testimonials

I see Daniel Gram as a calm, opened and very hardworking lawyer. We work together since 2007, a long time, full of challenges, during which he has advised and assisted us legally, helping the company to get safely through different situations, becoming ”part” of the company.


The meetings with the lawyers are not always associated with what we use to call “a pleasant time”, but I have to admit that both Anamaria and Daniel have made me think again about my conviction. They unite to their great professional capacity a polite and kind attitude in dealing with the customer. I appreciate a lot even the pleasant cultural discourses I can hold with them both.

Pietro Elisei – Founder URBASOFIA

I collaborated with Anamaria Gram and I can say that her work was characterized by seriousness, preparation and loyalty. In addition, she has a pleasant personality.

Mi sono avvalso della collaborazione dell’avvocato Annamaria Gram e posso affermare che il suo lavoro è stato caratterizzato da serietà, preparazione e lealtà. A ciò si aggiunge la sua piacevole personalità.

G.C. – Professor of Urban Planning at the Engineering University of Milano

We are working with Anamaria for more than 3 years and we are very pleased both with her professional qualities, as well as with her effort and interpersonal attitude towards her client.

Ronen Fried – Manager at ” Roadstar Construct”

When Anamaria took over our case, we had only few days to decide if we buy or not the house, as it had to be sold through enforcement procedure within a short space of time.

Within this extremely short period and despite the fact that the real estate had several charges mentioned in the Real Estate Book, Anamaria has succeeded to analyse our case and to give us confidence that the deal can be done in good conditions and with minimum risk.

Also, her support during the drafting and the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement at the Notary Public was a real help, giving us the guarantee that we are permanently in control. Highly appreciated!

Violeta & Dorin Popa

Anamaria provided us with legal services in the real estate field and in the corporate field. We started to collaborate in 2012. She has successfully finalised our projects, obtaining the results we wanted. She is a professional, trustworthy lawyer, who likes to continue the conversations after all professional issues have been discussed.

Karina Baciu – Administrator COMPANY INTERVENTION

We are working with Anamaria since 2008 in the real estate area and she offered us reliable advice all the time, dealing with different projects. We were always satisfied with her work and the meetings we had were pleasant, nothing like the stiff attitude you usually get from a lawyer.

Y.Rafaeli – Manager at ”Tulip Investments”