Services and fees

Sometimes you need to take out your red pencil and use it. Legal weapons are weapons to be reckoned with.

Below you will find our General Offer [1] for some of the most common legal services provided in today’s Romanian legal market and our estimated fees[2]:


Procedures at the Bucharest or Ilfov Trade Register:
Incorporation of a company or subsidiary – 350 EUR.

Setting up registered offices for your company at our address – 50 EUR/month.

Incorporation of a branch or secondary offices – 250 EUR.

Registration as a self-employed individual or sole proprietor – 250 EUR

Registration as a family-owned business – 300 EUR.

Registering any amendments of the Memorandum of Association (legal status, name, registered offices, managers, activity, increase/decrease of the share capital, etc.) – 250 EUR.

Assistance and legal representation in selling the shares of a limited liability company – 300 EUR.

Registering the non-active status of a company or the reactivation of a non-active company – 150 EUR.

Extending the validity of current registered offices or secondary offices – 150 EUR.

Obtaining a Certificate from the Trade Register (through RECOM online) for purposes of certifying the status-quo of any third company of interest to you – 25 EUR.

Obtaining a Certificate from the Trade Register (executed and stamped by the TR representative) attesting the status-quo of your company – 100 EUR.

The merger of two or more legal entities – 700 EUR.

The division of a company – 700 EUR.

The voluntary dissolution and liquidation of a company (when the shareholders agree upon the asset distribution and there are no debts) – 500 EUR.

Court Representation and Litigation

Legal assistance and representation for a trial – 1000 EUR, plus a negotiated success fee.

Legal assistance and representation for debt collection – notice through court enforcement officers – 150 EUR; urgent order-for-payment procedure (art. 1014 – art. 1025 NCC) – 500 EUR, plus a negotiated success fee to be paid upon collection of debt.

Legal assistance and representation for contesting Contravention Notices (administrative fines) irrespective of the public authority that issued them – 350 EURO, plus a negotiated success fee.

Legal Assistance in Various Areas:

Advice in any of the areas mentioned above – 100 EUR/hour.

Drafting of an agreement – starting from 150 EUR.

Legal assistance and representation for obtaining residence permits for non-EU citizens – 500 EUR.

Legal assistance and representation for obtaining work permits for non-EU citizens – 700 EUR.

Legal assistance for obtaining Romanian citizenship – 700 EUR.

Should you have in mind a project not listed above, your company may opt for an hourly rate of 100 EUR/hour and a flat fee to be decided separately per project, based on the degree of complexity and the estimated workload.


Last, but surely, not least, we offer you the option of establishing a retainer agreement and fee relationship, which can be extremely advantageous for your company. The fee will include a minimum number of consultancy hours to be decided based on the company’s needs, while at the same time creating an important discount to the hourly rate mentioned above.

For example, for a 10 hour minimum (which, from my experience, proved to be enough for a medium-sized company) the retainer fee would be 600 EUR. The hours not spent in one month are rolled-over into the next period (without limitation). Should the total hours surpass the minimum contracted hours, the extra hours shall be paid at the same discounted fee. Also, the extra hours can be compensated with the not-spent hours (in the previous months or the next 2 months following the carrying performance of extra hours).

In time, we have realized that the retainer is much more financially advantageous than paying the fines applied by the civil servants during checks or the bribes they might solicit in order not to fine you. We also see it as a means to improve the Romanian business environment, to make it less prone to corruption. By using the services of a lawyer, you get to know the law, i.e. both your rights and obligations, which means you will be prepared for any checks from the public authorities; and second, the civil servants will know right from the start that they will not get the bribe they might be after and will leave you alone. In 2015 we’ve seen it with our own eyes that CORRUPTION KILLS (the fire in Colectiv club) so we have a moral duty to the victims to fight this subversive scourge.

Please note that the retainer fee includes any of the services mentioned above (including Trade Register services), except court litigation, for which a separate fee shall be negotiated (at a discounted rate given that you are already our client). In addition to this, we will keep you informed about any amendments and new legislation pertaining to your area of interest.

In hoping that we managed to convince you to work with our firm, we reiterate the invitation to come by our office to meet us and discuss what legal services are best suited for your company.

[1] We reserve our right to change at any time unilaterally the fees mentioned in this offer. We underline the fact that this is a General Offer and it cannot produce any legal effects by a simple acceptance. If you decide to hire our services, a standard legal assistance contract shall be signed by both parties, which will state clearly the rights and obligations.

[2] The prices do not include VAT.